Ioffe, S. T.

Handbook of magnesium-organic compounds / (by) S.T. Ioffe, A.N. Nesmeyanov. (Translations and notes by A.L. Mackay). - London, New York : Pergamon Press, [1956] - 3 v. (chiefly tables) : tables ; 27 cm.

Errata slips inserted Text in Russian Comprises pt. 2 of the second series of Synthetic methods in the field of metallo-organic compounds, edited by A.N. Nesmeyanov and K.D. Kocheshkov

v. 1-2. section 1. Reactions of magnesium-organic compounds.--v. 3. section 2. Index of end-products of reactions. section 3. Index of magnesium-organic compounds. section 4. Index of literature sources. section 5. Index of co-authors.

Organomagnesium compounds.
Magnesium organic compound.

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