Advances in materials science for environmental and energy technologies [electronic resource]. - [S.l.] : John Wiley & Sons, 2012. - 234 p. - Ceramic Transactions ; 236 . - Ceramic Transactions ; 236 .

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Advances in materials science for environmental and energy technologies -- Contents -- Preface -- Green Technologies For Materials Manufacturing And Processing -- Mesoporous Materials For Sorption of Actinides -- Environmentally Friendly Tin Oxide Coating through Aqueous Solution Process -- Investigation of the Morphological Change into the Fabrication of ZnO Microtubes and Microrods by a Simple Liquid Process using Zn Layered Hydroxide Precursor -- Fabrication of Solid Electrolyte Dendrites through Novel Smart Processing -- Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of the Extruded α-β Duplex Phase Brass Cu-40Zn-Ti Alloy -- The Characteristics of High Strength and Lead-Free Machinable α-β Duplex Phase Brass Cu-40Zn-Cr-Fe-Sn-Bi Alloy -- Preparation of Biomass Char for Ironmaking and Its Reactivity -- Intelligent Energy Saving System in Hot Strip Mill -- Hot Gas Cleaning with Gas-Solid Reactions and Related Materials for Advanced Clean Power Generation from Coal -- Polyalkylene Carbonate Polymers-A Sustainable Material Alternative to Traditional Petrochemical Based Plastics -- Materials For Nuclear Waste Disposal And Environmental Cleanup -- Characterizing the Defect Population Introduced by Radiation Damage -- Radiation Shielding Simulation for Wollastonite-Based Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics -- Empirical Model for Formulation of Crystal-Tolerant HLW Glasses -- Energy Conversion/Fuel Cells -- Novel SOFC Processing Techniques Employing Printed Materials -- Manganese Cobalt Spinel Oxide Based Coatings for SOFC Interconnects -- Co2 Conversion Into C/Co Using Odf Electrodes With Soec -- Heterofoam: New Concepts and Tools for Heterogeneous Functional Material Design -- Study on Heteropolyacids/Ti/Zr Mixed Inorganic Composites for Fuel Cell Electrolytes -- Energy Storage: Materials, Systems And Applications -- Fatigue Testing of Hydrogen-Exposed Austenitic Stainless Steel in an Undergraduate Materials Laboratory -- LiMnxFe1-x PO4 Glass and Glass-Ceramics for Lithium Ion Battery -- The Absorption of Hydrogen on Low Pressure Hydride Materials -- Polymethylated Phenanthrenes as a Liquid Media for Hydrogen Storage -- Author Index.

With contributed papers from the 2011 Materials Science and Technology symposia, this is a useful one-stop resource for understanding the most important issues in advances in materials science for environmental and energy technologies.

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